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About eZTracker

eZTracker is a live production-grade supply chain traceability solution, built to connect supply chain insights, from manufacturer to consumers. Through a suite of track and trace features powered by blockchain, eZTracker empowers businesses to improve data visibility, optimise operations, devise customer-centric strategies, and navigate disruptions.

eZTracker is built for organisations committed to enhancing supply chain resilience through digitisation and innovation; complimenting the business objectives of multiple functions across the business:


Supply Chain Management Teams

eZTracker enhances visibility and allows for proactive inventory management, reducing stockouts and minimizing holding costs. With accurate supply chain insights, eZTracker effectively forecasts demand, streamlines operations and identifies cost-saving opportunities like digitising paper product leaflets.


Business Teams

Increase stickiness and trust in your brand by making real-time product verification a unique selling point. With granular traceability insights, predict future demand with great accuracy and know which resellers, HCPs and territories to focus on to expand market share.


Marketing Teams

Design impactful marketing campaigns centred around product authenticity and elevate brand plans with Treatment Traceability. Measure campaign effectiveness through A/B testing, to understand which campaigns bring the most outstanding value to you and your consumers.


Quality Assurance, Compliance and Security Teams

eZTracker improves product quality control through real-time monitoring along the cold chain or in complex markets where counterfeits or unauthorised sales rechanneling are prevalent. 


Ensure products achieve consistency and adherence to standards and quickly identify potential quality issues to prevent costly recalls. Extract and analyse auditable data reports to mitigate risks for your organisation.


Sustainability Teams

Track measurable targets like paper reduction through digitisation efforts like e-labelling. Set the highest standards of integrity and transparency through real-time product verification. Read Zuellig Pharma’s sustainability report to explore how we build a healthier future with eZTracker.

With supply chains growing more complex, supply chains that rely on conventional processes and technologies lose visibility and expose themselves to greater risk of inefficiencies and disruption. 


End-to-end traceability enables organisations to connect and collaborate with other key stakeholders, including customers, suppliers and logistics providers – all though a trusted digital ecosystem. Connectivity means better data visibility and increased resilience against unseen risks.

Extensive Experience and Knowledge

eZTracker was developed by Zuellig Pharma, the leading healthcare services provider in Asia with over 100 years of first-hand, in-market experience in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Tapping on our immense knowledge, the team invested extensive research and development efforts to create the first live production-grade supply chain traceability solution powered by blockchain in Asia. With a vision to set the gold standard for supply chain traceability, eZTracker is continuously evolving its features and technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of supply chains.


Delivering Real Value Across the Value Chain

Adopting a new digital solution should not be an isolated act – it should enhance and complement every business’s existing strategies. That is why we take the time to understand your business objectives, goals and challenges before developing a solution that is fit-for-purpose and scalable. Discover our case studies to learn the value eZTracker has achieved for clients.


eZTracker also partners with like-minded associations and organisations like PharmaLedger Association and Pharmaceutical Security Institute to build a holistic, safe and trusted digital ecosystem.


Multi-cloud Infrastructure with A Future of Interoperability

Joining eZTracker’s blockchain network is seamless. Through an automated node setup process, any popular public cloud can integrate with eZTracker to enable clients to respond to market needs swiftly with fast go-to-market times.


As the solution scales, eZTracker is working towards interoperability to connect with other blockchain networks and further eliminate silos – all to achieve global supply chain transparency.


Agile Teams

Focused on customer-centricity, eZTracker focuses on helping clients create minimal viable products designed to complement existing strategies, go-to-market quickly and achieve business objectives. By choosing eZTracker, businesses gain not just a solution but a dedicated partner invested in their success.

Getting Started

Step One: Products are serialized at a pack level.

eZTracker creates an encrypted Digital ID for each product. These Digital IDs are encoded into physical data matrixes printed directly on the packaging or as stickers. Manufacturers have the choice of serialising their products at source or engaging eZTracker to redress their products at any Zuellig Pharma Warehouse.


Step Two: Integration of system of records to blockchain

Manufacturers can upload existing key master product data through a simple Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) system and tag key information to each Digital ID. With an Application Programming Interface (API) integration, data can now be shared from various databases and made visible on the blockchain.


Scanners across the supply chain can scan the data matrixes and add new data transaction points. This creates a string of traceable and immutable historical data, which can be used for reporting to internal teams or regulators.


Step Three: Engage consumers with digital touchpoints

Customise the modules that can best engage your consumers, including:

Product verification: Scan data matrix to verify product provenance, cold chain status and e-labels on the eZTracker app

Digital adherence and engagement tools: Encourage adherence through reminders, appointment management and more.


Step Four: Analysing traceability data to make better decisions faster

Through eZTracker’s robust data dashboard, various functions across the business can leverage insights to optimise operations, extract audit reports, understand customer behaviour, and guide effective strategies.

Yes, eZTracker can be deployed across other industries looking to improve end-to-end supply chain traceability and connectivity.

Yes, eZTracker can enable traceability even for products not distributed by Zuellig Pharma. Contact us to learn more.

Yes, eZTracker is available as a white-labelled service. If your organisation has an existing application, eZTracker can plug in the feature of your choice to engage your customers under one unified platform.


eZTracker’s serialisation services include:

1) Multi-layered smart packaging solution

To make the product package more secure, we offer a series of smart packaging solutions including high quality stickers with hologram film, tamper-evidence design (which damages the box upon removal), serial codes, scratch foil and a unique data matrix for traceability. Manufacturers may serialise their products with this secure stickers at source or opt for redressing services at a Zuellig Pharma warehouse.

2) Redressing services

Zuellig Pharma is equipped to redress products with these serialised stickers. The process involves printing and affixing the stickers on to the product packaging and scanning the data matrix to log the transaction onto the blockchain.

Advocated by GS1 for Healthcare

2D data matrixes are the only 2D codes approved by GS1 for regulated healthcare item. To avoid confusion across multiple code types, 2D data matrix is the single consistent code that unifies all traceability information.

Scalability & Size

2D data matrixes can encode a large amount of data in a small amount of space. The code can be reduced in size to fit onto individual packaging without taking up too much real estate.


2D data matrixes set the standard for anti-counterfeit measures and internal tracking as codes can be read even if the mark gets partially damaged

Contact us if your business has other requirements or preferences for other codes.


Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology – a digital system for recording transactions among multiple parties in a verifiable, tamperproof way. Industries are deploying blockchain to enable end-to-end traceability of any product or service – tracking every data transaction point and creating a string of traceable and immutable historical data.

eZTracker’s consortium blockchain architecture and decentralised database makes it more secure and resistant to failure. Unlike traditional centralised databases, blockchain reduces the risk of data loss and other adverse effects during a system failure as the ledger is distributed across other nodes in the network. Blockchain also prevents accidental operational mistakes and intentional malicious acts from bad actors.

The technology creates audit trails that are immutable and highly secure. It also improves data transparency and allows the public to access essential supply chain information.

There are two primary integrations available:

  • Running A Node: You can join the Blockchain network via your own node – which will be created by eZTracker.
  • RESTful API: You can connect to the eZTracker system through the RESTful API we provide.

eZTracker’s architecture is designed to be “cloud agnostic,” meaning it can work with various cloud providers or environments. This architecture ensures compatibility with different systems and platforms.

eZTracker app for consumers is available both on the App Store and Google Play Store. A web application will be available soon.

eZTracker is committed to maintaining robust data management and privacy practices. Read our privacy policy.

Plans and Pricing

Customise your plan to meet your business’ traceability requirements:

Serialisation as a Service

– Deploy a label generation software

– Print bespoke sticker labels

– Redress products in Zuellig Pharma warehouses (available for cold chain rooms)

– Product scanning services in Zuellig Pharma warehouses (available for cold chain rooms)


Track & Trace

– Track solution to receive, store and transmit serialisation data between eZTracker and your business

– Access dashboards and data reports


Real-time Verification for Consumers

– Activate eZTracker mobile application’s scanning and verification features

– Select tracking features required, including but not limited to provenance, temperature, expiry date, product updates and e-labels.

– Access eZTracker digital materials to engage consumers and increase adoption


Treatment Traceability

– Create programme code aligned with brand plan

– Activate digital programmes

– Access dashboard and analytics


Campaign Effectiveness Tracking or e-Labelling

– Print and track serialised QR Code

– Affix QR code on products, samples or campaign materials

– Develop web form to host e-labels or customer survey

– Access dashboard and analytics

Our pricing is based on a thorough evaluation of several factors, including type of services needed, level of customisation, scale and complexity. We are committed to offering fair and competitive pricing while delivering exceptional services aligned with your business objectives.

Contact us for a quick session to discuss your precise business needs and receive a tailored quotation.

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