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Gain better visibility on temperature-controlled products

Even a one or two-degree variation in temperature can compromise an entire shipment and result in product spoilage, loss of potency, or complete degradation. However, cold chain inefficiencies contribute to the degradation of up to 50% of vaccines, resulting in over $35 billion in losses annually, and adverse effects experienced by individuals who consume improper storage of products.

Connecting Cold Chain Data Seamlessly

eZTracker’s robust solution allows manufacturers gain better visibility on temperature-controlled products at any point in the supply chain.

Temperature Audit Log and Alerts

Sensor Integration

eZTracker can connect with temperature sensors in the warehouse and delivery trucks to receive and record temperatures close to real time.

Efficient Alert System

Alerts will be automatically sent if temperatures are higher than required.

A brief history

Why Clients Choose eZTracker

Improve Cold Chain Visibility

Detect and respond to temperature variations and alerts promptly.

Increase Compliance

Export on-demand temperature reports of product’s storage temperature from the warehouse and even during delivery for enhanced control and assurance.

Reduce Waste

Instead of disposing of entire batches, identify and eliminate specific subpar products at the pack level.

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