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Countless data is generated across the supply chain everyday.

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eZTracker is the first live production-grade supply chain traceability solution in Asia and the trailblazer in multi-cloud blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Our journey began with a core mission: putting an end to data silos in the supply chain and embracing safer collaboration between stakeholders through a highly transparent ecosystem.

A brief history

A brief history

With counterfeits growing in sophistication, visual comparisons were no longer sufficient. 

Determined to empower brands with an effective way to protect consumers and strengthen their supply chain, eZTracker was deployed in 2020 to elevate security through traceability and real-time verification.

The solution was developed by Zuellig Pharma, the leading healthcare services provider in Asia with over a century of experience, to enforce transparency and a tight chain of custody – all while maintaining superior distribution standards.


Be the gold standard for end-to-end traceability in the pharma supply chain.

Innovative and cutting-edge solutions

Through connecting upstream and downstream data, businesses can harness the power of improved visibility to future-proof compliance and intelligently digitise their supply chains.

eZTracker’s suite of solutions has gone beyond combatting counterfeit, and now effectively optimise supply chains with enhanced cold chain monitoring and inventory management. eZTracker also accelerates demand generation, encourages adherence and improves patient engagement.

eZTracker is thoughtfully developed to deliver a seamless onboarding journey tailored to your organisation’s specifications. We know how complex new system implementations can be, so you can rest assured that we’re available every step of the way to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as it can be.

Discover how our end-to-end traceability solution can help your business gain added competitive advantages today.

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Awards and recognition

Gartner Supply Chain Awards 2023

IDC Future of Enterprise Awards 2022

Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards 2023

Computer Weekly Awards 2021

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