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eZTracker is ready to support manufacturers

Product labels change at least five times a year, and the process of updating paper labels proves costly and ineffective. As many manufacturers still use this traditional method, consumers often do not have access to the latest information.

But with increasing support for e-labelling across Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan, eZTracker is ready to support manufacturers and help them comply with local regulations, drive sustainability, and improve consumersโ€™ access to important product information.

Manage e-labels easily

E-Labelling Platform

Easy Access

Consumers can scan the QR code to access up-to-date approved materials on a secure hosting platform that aligns local regulatory standards.

User-friendly Format

Labels come in an intuitive digital format optimised for various devices.

Enhanced Consumer Engagement

Enrich consumer experience with multimedia content like educational product videos.

Effortless Information Dissemination

Disseminate country-specific information easily.

A brief history

Why Clients Choose eZTracker

Improved Cost Savings

Saved up to 51% on printing and redressing costs.

Improved Access to Information

Quickly disseminated the latest product and safety information and issue product recall alerts to consumers.

Drove Sustainability

Save up to 6.25KG of paper per 1000 units (based on two A3 50gsm leaflets per unit).

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