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To make healthcare more accessible, Zuellig Pharma has become a Patron Member of PharmaLedger Association™ (PLA), a global not-for-profit based in Switzerland, with the vision to connect, protect, empower, build and sustain Healthcare 4.0 by enabling a Digital Trust Ecosystem in Healthcare (DTE-H). Representing the diversity of healthcare, PLA’s founding members comprise large and small pharmaceutical companies, research organisations, patient representative organisations, non-profit organisations, technology, and healthcare service providers – all coming together to solve problems that single organisations can’t solve.

Together with PLA, Zuellig Pharma will actively contribute to building the DTE-H with the goal of accelerating innovation and adoption of digital healthcare solutions in a patient-centric and industry-enabling way. Through these innovative patient-first healthcare solutions, we hope to break the silos across healthcare and achieve real-world results, while complying with healthcare regulations.

Zuellig Pharma first joined the PharmaLedger consortium in September 2021 to work towards interoperability and setting up of a multi-cloud infrastructure with all participants. Given Zuellig Pharma’s success launching eZTracker, the first production-grade pharma supply chain traceability solution powered by blockchain in Asia, they will leverage their in-house team’s blockchain expertise to contribute to key business cases of PLA like track and trace, sales rechanneling, e-product information (e-labelling) and cold chain monitoring. Zuellig Pharma is excited to define the future of healthcare with PLA through next-gen secure digital solutions and DTE-H.

Read more about PLA’s 3-year strategic plan to implement DTE-H here.

About PharmaLedger Association (PLA)

PLA was formed as a result of the successful completion of the PharmaLedger research project, a €22 million, 30-member consortium with 12 large pharma companies and 18 public partners, funded under the European Union (EU) and European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA)’s Innovative Health Initiative.