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We are honored that Zuellig Pharma’s eZTracker has been named Winner for Best in Future of Trust at the annual IDC Future Enterprise Awards for Singapore! Now on its sixth year, the Future Enterprise Awards honors pioneering organisations that have transitioned from merely transforming their business to adapt to today’s disruptions into becoming a truly viable, digital and future-ready enterprise.

With the increased sophistication of counterfeit methods exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a need and expectation from all stakeholders to improve patient safety and trust.

With a mission to make healthcare more accessible, Zuellig Pharma developed eZTracker, a production-grade blockchain solution for end-to-end supply chain traceability. Securely tracking products on pack-level from plant to patient, stakeholders now have better visibility to effectively tackle supply chain inefficiencies and build a safer healthcare network.

A first mover in the enterprise blockchain space, eZTracker was used to address gaps in the market, increase patient engagement touchpoints, and futureproof the business. As the first live solution currently used in 5 markets, the success of eZTracker was evident in the strong uptake of close to 3 million products on the blockchain with more than 53,000 users.

Apart from eZTracker, we are proud that Zuellig Pharma Digital & Data solutions has also received awards for eZRx (Special Award for Digital Resiliency – Singapore & Regional), and our Data Analytics offering (Best in Future of Intelligence – Singapore & Regional).

These 5 awards represent key milestones and are a testament to our continued innovation, driven by a shared vision of making healthcare more accessible with digital and data. Sincere thanks and appreciation to all team members for their hard work, to our leadership team for their strong support, and to our clients and customers for their trust. Onward to future breakthroughs!

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