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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about eZTracker

About eZTracker

eZTracker is a mobile app that is powered by a blockchain solution, it allows users to authenticate medical, health and wellness products.
eZTracker is currently live in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea for registered products only. If you would like for eZTracker to include more products in your region, please access the “Contact Us” form in the app and share more details.

eZTracker provides key information about the product such as expiry date, batch number and product name. In addition, depending on your location, you will be able to verify if your product is from an authorised distributor, and has been stored and transported in the correct temperatures before being administered to you.

You will also be able to report product incidents and issues directly to the pharma manufacturers via the app instead of the usual hotline and email process.

The verified eZTracker app can only be found on the official App Store and Google Play Store and it is called ‘eZTracker: Safety in each Scan’. The developer name is ZUELLIG PHARMA ASIA PACIFIC LTD. PHILS ROHQ. For safety reasons, do not download any other app, even if it has the same name from any other platforms.


Make sure your camera is operating properly, and that you have allowed eZTracker camera access within your settings. Try closing and refreshing the app if the problem persists.

Please ensure that you have downloaded ‘eZTracker: Safety in each Scan’. The scan will only work using the application and is not compatible with the general QR code reader on your phone.

If you suspect any suspicious activities, please share more information with us via the Contact Us form immediately.

eZTracker currently supports a limited number of products. If you would like to request for another product to be supported, kindly fill in the Contact Us form.

You will not be able to use eZTracker to scan and verify its authenticity. However, you can report the issue to us through Report an Issue form. If the data matrix has been damaged before your purchase, please check with your clinic or hospital.

App Issues

Verify that your mobile network signal or WiFi internet connection is strong, and that you are operating on the latest version of iOS or Android. Otherwise, try closing and refreshing the app.
eZTracker needs internet connection in order to retrieve information about the data matrix being scanned.

To enable Face ID/Touch ID on eZTracker App,
Step 1: Ensure you have enabled Face ID/Touch ID on your mobile device
Step 2: Log into your eZTracker account using your email and password
Step 3: Click on the profile icon
Step 4: Toggle on “Login with Face ID/Touch ID”

After enabling Touch ID, you should see the Face ID button on your log in page.

You can go to the login page and follow the steps on the “Forgot your password” link to reset your password.

If you do not receive the OTP notification, your email address might not be registered with eZTracker yet.

Kindly note that user accounts created before 24 Jan 2022 can no longer be used and users are required to register again. You may register for a new account using the same email address or a new email address.

Data Privacy

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions located within the app for more information.
Based on your location, eZTracker will be able to identify whether the product scanned is from an authorised distributor in your location.

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