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Zuellig Pharma has received the ‘Information Visionary’ award at the second Singapore IDC Digital Transformation Awards 2018. Recognizing the need to drive better innovation and collaboration within the healthcare industry for better healthcare and patient outcomes, the company is determined and has a single-minded focus on digital transformation.

Zuellig Pharma, Asia’s leading healthcare services provider, has recently developed the eZTracker smartphone app, an SAP-powered blockchain platform. Through the app, consumers’ mobile devices become an instant verification tool, tracing barcode on medication to its manufacturer and the country of origin within seconds. Hence, ensuring the authenticity of the drug and the legitimacy of its distribution.

Zuellig Pharma leverages the blockchain technology as a solution to the growing concern on counterfeit drugs distributed around the region. The company acknowledges the fact that keeping track of counterfeit drugs is tedious because it entails the gathering of data from different parties across its supply chain.

Zuellig’s eZTracker App Explained

Zuellig Pharma has already announced its innovative move to combat the distribution of counterfeit drugs through blockchain projects during Fight the Fakes Week in December 2018. The company stated:

“If a product is fake, alerts will be automatically triggered to the manufacturer and to Zuellig Pharma, together with an instant identification of where the fake product entered the supply chain,”

Zuellig Pharma

Recently this August, Daniel Laverick, Zuellig Pharma’s Head of SAP and IT solutions, elaborated on eZTracker at an SAP regional event in Bangkok. He explained that the SAP blockchain platform captures data from the drug manufacturer upon receiving a drug at its warehouse onto a blockchain.

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