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Zuellig Pharma, a Singapore-based pharmaceutical company, has developed a blockchain-based solution to monitor proper COVID-19 vaccinations. The company has developed ‘eZTracker’, a management system to save its clients from administering improperly stored or expired vaccines. This system is capable of verifying the provenance and authenticity of their vaccines via a phone app. This system is made for vaccine distributors and storage service providers who are the clients of Zuellig Pharma. Presently, the vaccination drive against COVID-19 is Singapore is still underway.

The vaccine authenticity tracker uses SAP blockchain to improve the overall supply chain by capturing, tracking, and tracing multiple data points. SAP blockchain enables end-to-end tracking and reporting of multiple business processes and objects.

“The eZTracker is a mobile app that leverages blockchain technology to determine if your product is authorised to be distributed in your location. Simply scan the QR code on the packaging to instantly verify if your product comes from an authorised distributor,” the official website of eZTracker said.

Once the QR code is scanned, the app authenticates every scan against this information on blockchain, covering the entire supply chain including the supplier, manufacturer, distributor, and healthcare provider.

If in case the app fails to fetch data around the scanned QR, it presents a form to be filled, the data from which is shared with the manufacturer for a follow up.

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